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Rallymeter it’s co-driver and even every rally team reliable assistant.

The application allows you to keep chronology of races and special stages saving all the data; automatically calculates time and compares it with other teams. User-friendly interface is presented in the form of the final results table, where the active stage and your team are highlighted.

Watch the time

Rallimeter allows you to organize «time table» where you can record the time of every stage as well as fines.

Using the time wizard allows you to enter time accurately and quickly.

Compare your results promptly

Compare your results with challengers who are interesting for you. You have to do:
• add new team, entering name or number
• enter challengers’ special stages time
• watch how the application automatically calculates the total time and sorts the teams
• look the lag from the leader and from the nearest leading team

Take a photo

Save time and energy which are wasting to review judges’ result tables, using the feature of «Rallymeter» to take pictures.

Just tap the camera button and bring your device nearer to the data you are interested in, such as intermediate result table. After taking photo, it will fit in the «gallery», and then it is possible to look at it and at the same time enter data.

Additional features:
• scaling the picture with the help two fingers gesture
• picture rotation
• hiding / opening of the gallery to save space
• removing unnecessary pictures