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Co-driver is a unique Analytical platform helping rally-teams to improve their track results. This application allows you to set the results of training or race track time. Also it is possible to get all the necessary information from the vehicle and GPS (speed, acceleration, deceleration etc.) and analyze this information. When the stage of the track has been finished you get navigational in-depth information in the connection with map e.g. passing corner speed, beginning of deceleration and acceleration.

Co-driver can help you to answer these questions during the race or after providing all the necessary analytical information. Each race can be examined individually or in comparison with your other races or even with races of other drivers.

Your wins chronology

This application provides you to save all the race data.

You can add, edit, and delete:
• Races
• Special stages
• Tracks

Familiarization track recording

During the day of familiarization race we recommend you to record the track. It will contain geolocation data of special stage and will be necessary for race day.

If you want to record it choose special stage then tap «record» button, after tap «start» button in track editor.
In track editor you can:
• Specify checkpoints
• Stop and Resume track recording
• Switch the map on and watch track recording

Configure precious time

During the race each second is so important! That’s why we recommend you to synchronize tome at the beginning of the race.

You have to do:
• Choose «Settings» on special stages page
• Tap on current time
• Enter race time with the help of time wizard
• Tap done button

Connect your vehicle

To get and calculate more precise information co-driver can connect to on-board computer using OBD-II.

Interaction comes through scantool device for example. Because of it you have to configure wi-fi connection on ios gadget. What you should do:
• Connect scan device to OBD II port
• Choose wi-fi connection with scan device in iOS settings
• Fill ip «»
• Fill poer «23»

Record race tracks

When you’ve recorded familiarization track you are able to record race track and it is provided in automatic mode.

You can do it in the following way:
• On the page of special stage editing put the precious time of start and the application automatically begins recording at the appointed time.
• Choose manual start then tap «let’s go!» button. Recording will start after vehicle starts to move

Advanced Features:
• Checkpoints set automatically and time difference as you’re passing the racing track
• Recording stops automatically after vehicle finishes
• Pause and resume of track recording
• Displaying of the current speed and time
• Displaying of the race track and checkpoints on the map
• Displaying of the current position and course on the map

Track exchange

Do you want to see competitor’s track? It is as easy as anything!
We realized technology peer-to —peer in co-driver app which allows you to have data exchange among iOS gadgets without Internet connection. Just be at close range with whom you want to have data exchange.

You have to do:
• Tap «compare» button on the special stage page
• Choose track that you want to send
• Tap «share» button
• Choose gadget on which you want to send the information
• Wait the finish of exchange

Downloading track:
• Tap «compare» button on the special stage page
• Tap «download» button
• Choose gadget on which you want to send the information
• Wait the finish of exchange

Compare tracks

Primary function of co-driver is capability to compare your results and telemetry with challengers’ data and conduct an analysis of your data.

There is a distance chart where you can find diagrams of
• Speed
• Acceleration
• Spurt
• Checkpoints

Moreover, auto quantization can display interchangeable parts of the race competitors’ tracks for collation.
Advanced Features:
• Track displaying on the map
• Diagrams scaling
• Choose active route, displaying of time difference, connection with map


Rallymeter is free for co-driver users. More...


Freeware version has limits
• Only 2 min recording time
• The function of adding challengers’ teams is dead in race calculator

If you want to use it at full scale you can buy some subscriptions in the application
• Month — 0.99$
• 3 month — 2.99$
• 12 month — 9.99$


To protect your subscription from accidental loss (e.g. deleting of the application) we recommend registering on our server.

You have to do:
• Tap «registration» button on buy page
• Enter your email and password
• Tap ok button and wait the end of registration

If some problems appeared and you want to restore the subscription do next:
• Tap «restore» button on buy page
• Enter email and password that you used before
• Tap «ok» button and wait the end of restoring

Variants of using

Co-driver can work independently or with external device.

Variants of application:
• 3G with built-in GPS
• Wi-fi\3G + external GPS
• Wi-fi\3G + scanning device OBD II
• Wi-fi\3G + external GPS + scanning device OBD II
• Write tracks on iphone and analyze on ipad
• Write tracks on ipod touch + external GPS, analyze on ipod