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This application allows you to record track at any location. You’ll be able to determine it’s length, average and maximum speed, track court and explore the path.

Improve your results! Application allows you to record the same track several times, compare results with other races and determine the best result.

Train and practice with «Check My Race»! Walking or jogging, skiing or snowboarding — you can do whatever you want. Use this application! Compare cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats and choose whatever you like for racing.

Measure the distance from home to work. Figure out how much time exactly it’ll take to reach any place. Forget of being late!

Share racing tracks with your friends. Arrange offline races in real life, compete at any time and compare your results with results of others! Win them all!

Create your own racing track or try out your friends’ tracks. Become a champion!

Chronology your victories

On the main page application, you can always see all the stages, and which you have participated, and the list is in order to create stages. Create a new stage in two ways:
• tap «+» button and enter the new stage data on the page
• tap «Quick Start» button, record the first stage result, which opens a page with the creation of a new stage.

Just to help you create the stage, the name is automatically set in view of the street on which you are now.

Switching to the screen with a map you will find yourself in the current location of his, as well as see on the surface of the card geolocation of your stages. Just tap one of these pins and you’ll be taken to a page with a description of the stage.

In page with the stage, you will see a table with the results of their run along the route. The best result is allocated by star. This page is available scrolling, simply touch the screen with your finger and whisk in the right or left to switch between the results of the race and a description of the stage. Edit the data on the stage can be right on this page, simply tap the cell.

Tap «Map» button to see the track of the best stage result on the map.

Write a new race

The first passage on the route the stage track records page opens that displays an animated counter that will allow you to just start, so as not to spoil the travel time.

The screen displays:
• race time
• current speed (GPS, the error is possible)
• current distance

Once you reach the end of the stage route, click «Finish» button, and then will calculate and record the stage result.

Look at the stage result recorded

When you tap the stage result button on the race page, you’ll go to a page with information about race, where you can see:
• average speed (calculated taking into account the measurement error)
• top speed
• distance travelled
• demonstration race time
• automatically defined type of vehicle (can be changed)
• route description (can be added)

You can also tell your friends about the race on Facebook by tapping the button in the top of right corner.

Improve your results

Drive back your existing route for improve your result

Before you start the route, the application will help you to determine the correct starting point to as closely as possible to record stage result. Also, the application will monitor the distance and when you cross the finish point of the route «auto finish» appeared.

After finishing you will see the result:
• if your race is better, your new best time will display
• if your race is worse than it was before, the application will display how many seconds you lost


Addition to the basic functionality, the application has several additional features:
• adjusting of unit of measure speed and distance (kilometers or miles) in settings
• hints to the user who started using the application